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Wedding Photography

As with General Portraiture, in Weddings, I believe the best photos come from the unposed moments. We allow the day to unfold naturally and capture the memorable moments as they happen. I endeavour to tell the story of YOU, not just take photos of a wedding like any other couple’s day. Remember, it is our job to produce beautiful images of your wedding day and your job to give in to the moment and celebrate.


I believe the best photos come from REAL moments. We capture the moments as they happen, the moments that tell story of you, what makes you laugh, what makes you happy, what do you find beautiful and romantic, what brought you together, keeps you together and what is unique about your family, and the special people in your lives anything and everything we do is focused on you.

Advertising & Events

For Marketing Shoots I approach with the thought that businesses need creative images too. Something to set them apart and show their products and services in the absolute best light possible. Don’t get me wrong though, just because we are doing a marketing shoot, doesn’t mean it has to be all serious business, its important that staff relax and have a good time while we get the images, again, the best images come from happy, relaxed people.

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"I love your work. I am so glad we chose you as our photographer. Fun and plenty of laughing. Definitely made us feel comfortable."
Ash Tong