Little Black Book Photography

  I said yes to one of these beautiful photoshoots & ended up with really beautiful photos to document my breast reconstruction process. When I heal I am going back again for an “after” shoot. Kelli Jackson Ktype-Creative made me feel so comfortable baring my scars it became, unexpectedly, part of my healing process. Thank you Kelli. - Nat P.

Never Done Anything Like This Before and Want to Know More? That’s ok! We are here to talk – we understand this could be out of your normal comfort zone and make it our goal for you to have fun and make your time as relaxed as possible. Most people are doing this as a gift to their significant other so we understand that you might have some specific requests regarding styles and are more than willing to discuss your ideas! But we also find most end up getting a lot of self esteem out of it for themselves too, more than they expected! What should I bring to my Session? Some lingerie you know your partner will love AND that you feel great in. This may include bra & panty sets or it may just be a lacy gown. Large leather jackets, feather collar jackets, one of your partners dress shirts or a see through lace or satin gown are always an excellent addition for helping you feel comfortable to start with and to cover areas you might feel self conscious about.

Kelli J x