Behind The Lens

Kelli Jackson & The Booking Process.

KType Creative Photography is the love and passion of Kelli Jackson. THAT’S ME! While I do use Second Shooters when they’re requested – I ONLY use those I trust, that I would trust to be my FIRST shooter , whose style, passion, attitude and compassion for brides and making their day wonderful and fun matches mine.

So, when we take on a wedding or other photoshoot, how do I approach it? That depends on the shoot, for private shoots, I believe the best photos come from the unposed moments. We allow the day to unfold naturally and capture the memorable moments as they happen. I endeavour to tell the story of YOU, not just take photos of a wedding or family like any other group or couple. But capture the soul of YOU, you as two individuals that have come together as a partnership, You as a family, what makes you laugh, what makes you happy, what do you find beautiful and romantic, what brought you together, what is unique about your day, the special people in your lives anything and everything we do is focused on you.

I work to tell the story of your day and the story of your love and your relationship(s). I will help you breathe, take a moment, and take it all in. That includes helping coach you through the sometimes stressful parts of your day if you need it, after all I’m there beside you all day. Remember, it is our job to produce beautiful images of your wedding day and your job to give in to the moment and celebrate.

For Marketing Shoots I approach with the thought that businesses need creative images too. Something to set them apart and show their products and services in the absolute best light possible. Don’t get me wrong though, just because we are doing a marketing shoot, doesn’t mean it has to be all serious business, its important that staff relax and have a good time while we get the images, again, the best images come from happy, relaxed people.

So how did I get here? After moving to Boyne Island in 2014 with my husband Tim and my two canine ‘furkids’ Poppy and Missi, I began to work for myself particularly in document development especially in resumes and cover letters while also operating as a local artist.

2016 saw a major change in direction for me, combining my artist, creative self with the scholarly self, amalgamating Kelli Jackson Art with KType Documents to see the birth of KType Creative.

By the end of 2017 what I hoped would become a permanent part time job in 5 years was already looking to be full-time in 2018! I had achieved my 10 year goals in 2 because of YOU! so THANKYOU. I am so unbelievably honoured to be part of your families lives; To capture the moments that mean the most.

I honestly, truly have the best job in the world. I hope to capture moments for you soon!

Kelli x

General Booking Process
  • Contact Us With Your Preferred Date
  • Fill out the Booking Form
  • Pay your Deposit Upon Invoice
  • Enjoy Your Shoot
  • Pay Your Balance
  • Receive your Final Images on USB
Wedding Booking Process
  • You Browse My Website, Facebook Then Contact Us With Your Wedding Date
  • If I’m Free on Your Wedding Date We Will Make A Coffee Date to Find Out More About You And Your Wedding
  • Let Us Know If You Want To Go Ahead. I Hope So!
  • We Will Meet To Start Planning Your Big Day – I Can’t Wait!
  • We Will Send You An Invoice For A Booking Deposit
  • 4-6 Weeks We Will Touch Base, If You’re Keen, We Meet For Coffee Again To And Clarify All The Finer Details We Line This Up (And Let’s Be Honest, You Can NEVER Have Too Much Coffee)
  • We Come To Your Rehearsal The Night/Day Before Your Wedding (This is a MUST, even just a 15min run-through, ask me why!)
  • The Balance of Your Package is Due Before Your Wedding Date Or On The Agreed Date
  • On The Day of Your Wedding or at Least in the Week After, We Put One Or Two Images Up of Your Big Day as a Teaser
  • While Your Whisked Off On Your Honeymoon As Newlyweds, There Will Be a Large Sneak Peek Album (approximately 20-25 images) and Blog Shared On My Website and Sneak Peeks Shared on Social Media Sites, 2-3 Weeks From Your Wedding Date Depending On The Time Of Year
  • Expect a Call or Email Your USB with all your images READY!!! YAY! This Should be no less than 3 months after your wedding date but no more than 6 months. (Depending On The Time Of Year)
  • If You Picked A Package With Canvases or Photobooks, Get Back In Touch With Your Choosen Images! Within a Couple of Weeks I’ll Get You A Draft of Photobooks, or I’ll Order Your Canvas.
  • As Soon As I Get The Items And Check Them Over I’ll Forward Them On.
  • If You’re Happy With Your Final Products, Sadly, This is The End of This Particular Journey – But Please, Keep In Touch, And Let Us Know If We Can Help You Out With Any Anniversary Photos, or Photos of Any New Little Additions To Your Family! I’m ALWAYS Ready To Capture More Moments